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The Game Ikkal- Dukkal symbolises Indian culture, balance, stability, focus and moving ahead. Likewise our fashion wear is a symbol of ethnicity, professional and personal life balance, stability in life, focus in approach and moving ahead with integrity.

We as a group of people are here to celebrate women hood with the spirit of working day and night to craft dreams and tailor experiences that enable us to enhance your beauty. Nothing brings out the joliesse in  a woman like  traditional ethnic wear. It’s an era where a woman has to play all the roles for which we incorporate the best designs. We strongly stand committed to our mission to cater and weave the best clothing for our customers, so the next time you give us the opportunity we make sure we cast the masterpieces which also showcases your inner beauty.

Quality, Time and Cost remain the most important pillars for our brand. Always happy to serve you , to decorate you, to celebrate you because you deserve every bit of it.